Our Team

jrliprofileJobelle Rosal Li

Jobelle is one of Cebu’s most successful rising realtors. She created the Cebu Home Properties website which gets approximately 60,000 unique visitors a month, doing over P40 Million in sales a year.

She is a division manager of Hezekiah Realty and has previously worked for Luterio Realty and Filinvest.

Jobelle has a full and comprehensive understanding of the real estate market in the Cebu region stemming from years of on the ground surveying, commercial and residential property and lease management and personally overseeing the listing and sale of hundreds of properties a year. She has two real estate investments, currently, and is an aspiring real estate developer.


Robert Li

Robert is from Australia and has been involved in real estate investment and international investment and trade in emerging markets since 2008 in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, PR China and now the Philippines.

He has expertise in media, communications and market, investment, financial and risk analysis, with a keen understanding of emerging market economic, political and regulatory environments, how they interact with an increasingly volatile global economy and how that leads back to your real estate activities.

He was the CEO and co-founder of real estate co-investment platform RET.asia and a contributor for Tech in Asia and 3rd World Startup Podcast. He previously worked for Shanghai YG Intl., and Alannie Trading.

He graduated a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Swinburne University of Technology in 2008 and is currently completing a PhD. He was previously a film production technician and has over 150 film and television credits to his name.