10 Ways to Get Scammed in Real Estate

Everyone wants to find that diamond in the rough. That deal that nets you double digit returns in short order. The deal that noone has found until you came across it.

10 Ways to Lose Money as a Landlord

One advantage that real estate can have over other forms of investment is that it will always have value. So can real estate be a bad investment then? Yes.

6 Tips for Your Rental Investment

Pricing your rental property. It’s always a massive headache. Between getting no inquiries and have 50 people attempting to rent it at the same time, is a tiny Goldilocks zone. How do you strike that balance, where you are able to both maximize occupancy AND returns?

7 Principles of a Master Real Estate Investor

Less than 10% of the population in the Philippines owns at least one investment property. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re either thinking about starting that, or have already started. Hi there new investor! A key to success is to get pointed in the right direction and then executing quickly. But, often, new real estate investors get one…

Your Financial Health, how do you improve it?

Financial health is much like your own health. We all want to be Mr. or Mrs. Fitbod holding that canned tuna on the television screen, but come January, we are all asking ourselves… Where did we get that extra 5 Kg from? Similarly, no matter how much we get paid, whether thats P10,000 per month…

How much do you really want to pay for that property?

Many often ask this question when they’re finally looking at the price tag of a property in front of them but the question of how much you do you really want to pay for a property should have been answered long before your visit. Here’s how…