Huge Lot in Gated Subdivision, Perfect for your Dream Home

Looking to build your dream home or start your first housing development? This gated subdivision lot is perfect and ready to go! No more land development to do!


  • 648 Square Meter Lot Size
  • Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Last Remaining
  • 7 Grouped Titled Lots
  • Incredibly Affordable P6,000.00 Per Square Meter

Great size property available in safe and gated community with easy access to Cebu City. Location is Perrelos in Glen Rose Residential Estate. A total of 7 lots grouped into one bigger size lot of 648 Meters Squared.

For just P3,888,000.00 or P6,000.00 per square meter, what are you waiting for? Buy this safe investment now before it inevitably grows in value.

Contact us Below or text or call us on +63 (0) 908 618 5568

Schedule a site visit today and see how unique this opportunity really is!

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