Real Estate backed Investment

You could own some of this. This is not a joke.

This probably would not be too far from the truth, but there’s probably a lot of people out there who would want to invest in real estate, but either can’t afford to, don’t know how, or simply didn’t know it was even possible.

But, you know what, it shouldn’t be, and it isn’t.

In the past I have tried to jump start a real estate crowdfunding platform, real estate co-investment. Basically, bayanihan for the Internet. But, the reality is, the co-operative movement in the Philippines means that there is already a simple and well established legal way for that to happen.

One of those ways is right here in Cebu. Eagle’s Vantage Multi-Purpose Co-operative.

Established in 2011 by church officials, they have over 1700 registered shareholders, and are the 62nd largest co-operative registered in the Philippines.

Where they differ is there operations are primarily backed by their own real estate developments in Consolacion, Minglanilla, and Bogo City. Tangible assets that you can visit yourself.

While you could invest as a member, as a member you are a common shareholder limited to a maximum investment of P 200,000. You have few rights and a limited ceiling on your returns. What we are able to offer is an exclusive limited partner (LP) level investment with a much higher return potential.

Your investment is within the project itself, which means foreigners are able to indirectly have an ownership stake in land, without the headaches of actual construction and legal structuring, with limited liability.

The minimum investment amount is PHP 500,000.00 with a maximum investment amount is PHP 10,000,000.00

The rate of return scales with the level of your investment:
  • Under P 2,000,000.00 your return is 18% per annum
  • P 2,000,000 – P 2,500,000 your return is 25% per annum
  • P 3,000,000 and above, your return is 30-35% per annum
Interest is compounded annually and is vested monthly (it can be withdrawn) and the investment agreement can be renewed or withdrawn annually. All returns are tax exempt.


This is an aggressive investment. You are directly exposed to real estate development, but based on our understanding of the Philippine real estate industry the return is realistic and feasible. Your primary risk factors include the local real estate market, and the performance of the development projects.

For further explanation and to discuss this in more detail contact us below or call or text us on +63 (0) 916 548 4295 or +63 (0) 908 618 5568.

Talk to us today for more investment advice. We will find the right solutions to achieve your ideal financial goals.

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