8 Signs of “The One” Real Estate Agent

There’s nothing as nerve wracking as trying to find a real estate agent to help you either find or sell your place. We’ve heard all of the reports from the news, family and friends about real estate deals that have gone sour for so many reasons you can’t have possibly imagined.
A good real estate agent can protect you, though, and make a process full of potential pitfalls smooth and stress free. They’re like gold: rare and you should hold onto them like you fear they would be stolen.

But how do you figure out you have the one?

  1. Communication

How many of you have had this happen to you?
You’ve found the property of your dreams, the agent is a bit hard to get a hold of but you manage to schedule a viewing. Despite showing interest, after the viewing the agent vanishes, never to be heard from again. The next you hear, the owner has secured a buyer of their own.
It can be frustrating dealing with an agent who fails to communicate with you. The real estate market is time sensitive, being first to the table has real advantages. An agent who communicates quickly can tell you were you stand whether buying or selling, whether to hold out, present an offer, or to quickly move on. Any delay at one property or buyer may mean you miss out on another more suited to your requirements.
  1. Proactive

Far too often in the Philippines agents treat their clients as one time deals. If you don’t show interest in a particular property, they will drop you like a stone. But that doesn’t help you as a buyer or seller, very much.
An agent that keeps their clients informed not only has a massive network of ready buyers, but will have extensive knowledge of properties for sale, some of which might not be on the market yet. A proactive agent gives you, as a buyer or seller, a huge advantage against the rest of the market.
  1. They don’t dictate your needs

This should be a very simple rule of thumb, but, all too often, an agent will prioritize the sale of a property that gives them the biggest payoff, than paying attention to the needs of their client.
Be wary of an agent that talks over the client. You should be the one doing most of the talking, informing the agent of your requests and needs. Good agents ask questions and they don’t dictate to you what the answers should be.
  1. Client motivated

 Buying or selling a property can be a stressful process, and, unfortunately, bad agents complicate this process by not looking out for the client.
Put simply, a customer who gets a good deal means an agent who gets a good deal, which is why it is so important for you to find an agent who understand this, and puts your needs first and foremost.
  1. Adaptable

 A home is an emotional thing. How much you want to sell it for, how much you are wanting to buy one for, where you want to buy, who you want to sell it to, where you want to rent, and a myriad of other questions can often change day by day.
It is important to have an agent who is adaptable to those changes, and communicates quickly and clearly realistic ways to account for that.
  1. Timely

Filipino time is one of the cultural quirks we all have to deal with here, whether agent or otherwise, but a good agent should work to a client’s time table. If you are in a hurry to sell or buy your agent should be working to a tighter deadline. If you have a bit more time, then your agent should be utilizing that leeway wisely by shopping around for the best outcome for you.

  1. Reasons for Selling

 The difference between the 95% of agents who simply take down your details and cross their fingers hoping you will close on their behalf, and the amazing agent who knows what their client is after and will pro-actively fulfill that need is context. A good agent will always know why and for who a client is buying or selling.
Is the client selling to buy elsewhere? Are they selling for their retirement? Are they buying to renovate and then flip?
These are all good things to know in informing the type of property a client is likely to most benefit from. If you are selling one of your 10 studio condos, you’re very likely to have different needs to someone who is selling their family home of 20 years.
  1. Not afraid to give references

The final acid test is this. A good agent that is experienced and has integrity will always be able to point to happy clients they’ve served in the past, and that is the best way to know if you’ve found yourself an agent to hold onto, or you’re just chasing fool’s gold.

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