Office Space to Let Your Creative Juices Flow

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Fully catered for and startup friendly office to let! All inclusive, nothing to bring, just your creativity and work, available on a seat lease basis.

Located in Capitol, just minutes away from everything in the City including Ayala Mall, Fuente Circle and Mango Square for fun times, this 30 square meter office is a startup’s dream. Included is a private toilet, secure space to store your valuables and work, a white board and lots of blank white walls to begin sticking post-it notes on! All costs are included, including internet, water and electricity, the printer, a Ubuntu local server to mess around with, and a Bluetooth speaker to pump out some tunes to keep the work day going. Included are two desktop computers also available for open use and some essential reading to get ideas going! Absolutely everything is catered for!

Fun, awesome and startup friendly! Don’t work alone! Make some friends.

Rates are as follows:

With Computer Own Desk
P6500 p/seat/mo
P2000 p/seat/wk
P500 p/seat/day

Without Computer Shared Desk
P3750 p/seat/mo
P1250 p/seat/wk
P300 p/seat/day

Complete Space
P15750 p/mo

P5 Printing per page
P20 for Purified Water

Contact us below or text or call us on +63 (0) 908 618 5568

Arrange a site visit today, and see how this can help your startup or new business grow quickly!

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